About Me


Whether you came by through Google search, or referral, I’m glad you have found me.  My name is Thuvan Nguyen, a photographer based out in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.  I strongly believe photographs are treasured memories in a time capsule and in order for them to be so, they must be PRINTED.  Capturing and documenting your growing family timeline is my commitment, at the same time, creating beautiful products for your home is my dedication.  At Frame This Moment Photography, I will provide you and your family an unforgettable experience and will capture the most beautiful moments for your family to be treasured and displayed in your sweet homes.

Celebrate your life and instill those memories of your children before they grow up, before your big day, signify a milestone or just to celebrate your family being together is very important.  Life is truly precious and short sometimes.  I wish my dad was still around so I can capture some memories with him and of him with my children but that is not possible.  Don’t let those memories pass you by and with regrets when you wish.. you wish…  Don’t wait another day to capture your children’s precious face because they will only be little for a very short time.  Contact Me today for your full family portraiture experience.  Visit my Blog or check out my Porfolio.


Thank you for your precious time, I hope to hear from you soon.

20150906-IMG_6760  La Jolla Beach







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